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Olivia started making films and experimenting with photography at 10 years old. Teaching herself to shoot, direct, and edit - she began making short films with her younger sister. From there the passion grew into a blooming career. The skills of a hard worker, leader, and collaborator were developed from a young age and continue to grow through her journeys.

Itching for experience, she began working as an assistant photographer and photo editor at the age of 16. Adobe photoshop and lightroom became Olivia’s natural office. At the same time, she was learning lighting design, cinematography, and directing from working within her high school theater and film programs. She produced* everything from music videos, to short films - and very quickly became everyone’s favorite senior portrait photographer. Olivia's work ethic continued to prevail in her collegiate efforts. Not only did she thrive in film school, but she also worked in the school shop, took all the freelance-gigs she could find and continued to work weddings over school breaks. As a freelancer in LA, she has worked numerous positions** in the film industry but eventually found herself with Scarecrow Vampire Fangs. She works as their digital content coordinator, web designer, and in-house photographer, cinematographer, and video editor.

In a perfect world, Olivia's career helps build a perfect world. Her drive DRIVES positive change. Her collaboration with teammates is observed, taught, and adopted by those around her. She has all the skills needed to make a change in the world, and she will help do that no matter where she lands. 

Directed, shot, and edited*

Olivia has worked as a 1st AD, Script Supervisor, AC, Red Carpet Photographer/Videographer, BTS Photographer, Video Editor, Production Assistant**

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